Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project Day 2 : Pictures and Comments

Here is a link to the pictures of the trailer on my Facebook page. So again, if you have ideas, please take a look.

The Perris Project 2009

Well we've finally gotten in to do some rough work on the interior. A lot of jerry-rigged pieces inside, and some interesting places where things can go. It looks like we're going to have to have a pro come in to do the electricity as the boxes and wiring are shot. It's small as you can see; semi-bachelor pad style in a "That 70's Show" style. But as time goes along we'll make it work.

I never thought that back in the day they'd make a fiberglass RV, but I can attest...they do exist.

I am having a very hard time though getting info on the company, even being out of business. Seems no one - RV stores, public library, even the Internet - have much on these trailers. Talk about blind leading the blind...and I'm blind even with glasses. Does ANYONE have an idea or thought who might have schematics or tech sheets? Especially electric and plumbing?

Well we're in a slight holding pattern while we work on getting the windows in place and do some thinking about what to build out in the interior. But as the line goes, "it's got great potential."

TTFN fellow bloggers!

Monday, July 27, 2009


The following is a diary chronicling the reconstruction and renovation of a porject trailer I recently purchased. It is 1978 Perris (Valley Camper) Pacer.

What I can tell you about this trailer is that it is a 16' 5th wheel, fiberglass, and with a lot of interior potential and exterior sturdieness; although it's in need of a LOT of patience and TLC on my part.

Perris Valley Campers is no longer in business, so putting this project together - right off the bat - will be a challenge. I encourage anyone who owns one, or knows about RV renovation, or simply wants to follow the project's progress online, to go ahead a view and comment on this site.

I have several people who will be helping me out on the project as it goes along and I'll respect their privacy by not revealimg names. But I am grateful to them for their help in advance.

Future blogs will update everyone with pictures and the progress.

Thank you again and join me in the journey!